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Employment Ideality Hebei Lanjian Rubber Belts Co., Ltd 

Human resource is the most important factor, the most valuable capital in the market competition and the company’s precious treasure.Rivalry between enterprises is competition between talents in final analysis. Enterprise can’t develop without talents, and so does the competition. Respect talents, foster talents with both ability and political integrity and use the talents reasonably are our idea of LANJIAN RUBBER BELTS CO., LTD which is throughout their lives.

Man proposes and man also disposes.Enterprise’s success and failure is up to what concepts of talents to establish and what kind of people to use. Make the best use of talents without limits is our concept. Complete talents system has been built since 20 years’ development, they are:

Standard: innovation and strive to make progress, good working attitude, cooperate as a team.

Competition: Equal, use the capable ones,replace the average ones,relief the incapable ones.

We insist on: making best use of the talents’ advantages and bypass the talents’ disadvantages,

Carrying out: Using good treatment, great enterprise and feeling to keep our employees.

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