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  The structure principle and application of belt conveyer   [2015-11-22]
Although there are some differences in the form, the structure principle is the same. Belt conveyor structure principle as shown in figure -1. Schematic diagram of -1 belt conveyor structure principle 1- conveyor belt; driven wheel 2-; 3- plate or roller; 4- driving wheel As shown in figure -1, the most basic belt conveyor line consists of the following par...   [Detailed]
  Practice for installation of belt conveyor   [2015-11-22]
A general requirement Belt conveyor installation is generally carried out after the installation of loader working face. 1, underground construction personnel must have the basic knowledge of operating fitter, heavy, after work behind the technical training examination. 2, during the installation, should be provided to the person in charge of construction, r...   [Detailed]
  A belt conveyor must understand what knowledge includes seve...   [2015-11-22]
The belt conveyor is mainly composed of several parts which? What is the role? The transmission principle of the belt conveyor is continuous conveying machine to transport with a traction mechanism, the rubber belt wrapped in the drive roller, roller conveyor belt and rely on friction to drive the tape running. Is mainly composed of a machine head, a body p...   [Detailed]
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