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We are one of the few adhesive tape producers that first passed IS09001:2000 quality management system certification of state Quality Certification Center in Hebei province. By obtaining and executing the system,we have established the excellent corporate architecture and quality management system, and have enjoyed high reputation among numerous customers.

IS014001:2004 is the international standard that is established and formally issued by the International Standardization Organization(ISO)on the basis of summarizing the world experience in environment management science by the global experts in environment management and standardization. The certification helps to heighten the consciousness of environmental protection, sett up the scientific natural view and development view, effectively prevent and control pollution, raise the utilization ratio of resource and energy,and eventually transform to the Intensive operation from the extensive operation,which features in high consumption, high waste and low efficiency.

We practically implement GB/T28001:2001 management system by conducting the identify the dangerous sources and control of hazards and risks and taking the effective preventive and control measures against hazard source. As a result, the overall vocational safety and health objective is attained, the market competitive power is heightened, and we obtain both economic benefit and social benefit through market competition and improve the corporate image.

Management System Certification
Management System Certification
Management System Certification
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