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Boye county held a rubber band machine demonstration industry cluster planning

Author:admin Date:2015-11-22 Views:1840

In September 29th, the county held a demonstration of rubber band machine industry cluster planning, to strive to build the largest North Boye conveyor belt production base for scientific, guidance and operational demonstration. Deputy Secretary General of China long rubber Association experts such as Hou Fengxia and Hebei Provincial Department, Baoding City Bureau of industry and information related to provincial and municipal leaders was invited to the meeting. Boye county magistrate Zhang Cai, deputy magistrate Wang Shuli, member of the Standing Committee of the county committee, the county Party members Wang Lianwei attended the meeting. Wang Shuli presided over the meeting.

Zhang was in his speech on behalf of the county four team, and 27 county people million to the long-standing concern and support the development of China Boye Rubber Association, the Hebei Provincial Department of industry, Baoding City Bureau of industry and information and other leaders and experts expressed heartfelt thanks, he pointed out that in recent times, the Boye rubber enterprises difficulties on, seize the opportunity, the overall development trend is very good, the next step, we need to arrange, organize through scientific, pragmatic promote, to realize the upgrading of industrial clusters; government departments to convene a meeting of the construction standards for construction projects, construction projects, industrial city construction, financial management, investment management, social management, planning and management to achieve four, they follow, everything is well documented, was responsible for everything, they have the supervision, implementation rules and expectations of the work of the government; Zhang Cai also hope that the experts of the leadership of the county rubber band machine industrial cluster planning more valuable comments and suggestions.

At the meeting, the county industrial belt conveyor play feature films, the County Bureau of industry and information is mainly responsible for the comrades of the development of industrial cluster and county planning.

Rubber Association of experts and provincial and municipal leaders around the development planning of Boye rubber band machine industry, will integrate the resources of enterprises, public service platform, improve the service measures, put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions of the excellent enterprise culture and safety etc..

Zhang pointed out: the industrial cluster planning demonstration, the enterprises and the relevant functional departments are inspired by education, a great harvest. Guidance of experts and leaders, both macroscopic and practical, is to guide the work of the government, but also for the development of the enterprise's internal management guidance, both the height, also has depth to our rubber band machine industry cluster planning, Boye county has a very important guiding significance for the development of industrial enterprises. The county government will be in accordance with the experts and opinion leaders, further research and demonstration, to further refine and improve the industrial cluster development plan, the planning of hundred-percent industrial cluster research and study, word for word and sentence for sentence re learning, research, and absorption, planning of industrial clusters of high level, let the experts really guide we serve the cause of the development of the industry, promote the coordinated and sustainable development.

Rubber Association of experts and provincial and municipal leaders in a row with Wang Lianwei, but also to Sanyuan Rubber Co. Ltd., Beijing Bo Rubber Co., Ltd., China Huayue rubber company new project area to make an on-the-spot investigation, visit the three companies in the production of rubber conveyor belt, rubber mixing workshop and workshop product development center, vigorous development of Boye rubber band machine industry fully affirmed

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