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Boye rubber conveyor belt production accounted for 1/3

Author:admin Date:2015-11-22 Views:2015

Brand effect Park drive innovation lead

Boye rubber conveyor provincial key projects, a total investment of 2 billion 200 million yuan with circular economy park project is speeding up the construction of plant. Boye County in accordance with the "industry brand, service brand, industry integration" ideas, and strive to build a "Chinese rubber belt base" brand in the region. At present, the county has a rubber conveyor belt industry production enterprises more than 200, employing 2.3 people, the national capacity of 1/3.

According to Zhang Cai introduced this year, Boye County, Boye County, vigorously implement the strategy of revitalizing industry, accelerate industrial rubber conveyor belts forward to the high-end, high quality, high efficiency. At present, the investment of 6 yuan of China's rubber Logistics City project has been signed, the Beijing Bo rubber machine industry testing company is identified as the province's public technical service platform for small and medium enterprises, a number of industrial chain on the lower reaches of the dip, recycled rubber, conveyor and other projects have been introduced. 1-10 months of this year, the county rubber conveyor belt industry sales revenue 29 yuan, an increase of 20%; profit and tax 5 yuan, an increase of 12%. Rubber conveyor belt industry propped up half of the country county tax revenue "".

This depends on the cluster of rubber conveyor belt Boye County demonstration area of the implementation of preferential policies, strengthen brand policy and project linkage, land, technology, talent, financial support and other preferential policies. The county government set up a special fund for the development of the new brand, "Zhongguo Chiming Shangbiao", "Hebei famous brand" and "brand-name products in Hebei province" of the enterprise to be rewarded. Boye county government list list focus on nurturing the brand, the implementation of liaison system, to carry out the program guide service. At the same time, strengthen the promotion of external publicity, enhance the visibility of industrial clusters. Through China's rubber annual meeting, press release and investment promotion will be the way to create and share the effect of regional brands to create and enhance China's rubber conveyor belt base of this loud regional brand. At present, the county rubber belt product has won the famous brand in Hebei Province, Hebei province famous brand 28, China's well-known trademarks, and was awarded the "China conveyor belt industrial city," "China's coal mining belt City," and other countries.

Based on the characteristics of zonal distribution of both the rubber enterprises, covers an area of 1500 acres of industrial park planning and construction of key Boye rubber in the county, the base of the construction of professional park platform, enhance the bearing capacity of elements. Relying on industrial transformation and upgrading to become bigger and stronger leading industry, and constantly extend the rubber conveyor belt industry chain. By actively guide rubber conveyor belt, machinery manufacturing, textile and other characteristics of the industry, the basic form of a conveyor belt, including recycled rubber, industrial canvas, conveyor manufacturing and other industrial chain, sales market throughout the country, some products are also exported to Asia, Europe, and other countries and regions, Brazil, Shougang Group and other world's top 500 enterprises.

At the same time, through the strengthening of scientific and technological innovation public platform, and continuously improve the ability of independent innovation of enterprises. Boye county policy, give preferential policies and financial support for the implementation of technical transformation of enterprises. Huayue company, Beijing Bo company and a large number of enterprises in the technological transformation and equipment renewal, respectively, with the introduction of international advanced level of production equipment. At present, the county "rubber mixture module making method" and so on more than 110 patents have been put into production method.

Boye County integration of administrative resources, optimize service and guidance, the formation of "benign interaction pattern of government, enterprises, departments linkage". In the field of investment financing, technological innovation, project approval, credit financing arrangements, import and export management, enterprise reform and restructuring, the formulation and implementation of policies and measures to support the development of enterprises. Strengthen communication and Chinese Rubber Association, grasp the latest trends of the industry, for the enterprise to provide information consultation, education and training, exhibition and other services to help enterprises solve practical problems in the development of the enterprise, the healthy development track.

"The next step, we will accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, and strive to build a complete chain, the only rubber machine capacity, quality first-class industrial belt", Boye county Party Secretary Chen Chunxia full of confidence.

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