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Boye and Russia's largest rubber industry group reached a framework cooperation

Author:admin Date:2015-11-22 Views:1759

The Great Wall in Baoding on 21 May, May 21st (Wen Zhao Li Donghui), learned from the Boye County propaganda department, to develop the international market for the rubber industry to boost the county, the county formed a delegation to Russia on the development of rubber industry, and with the country's largest during the visit of the rubber industry group reached a framework cooperation.

Russia as a major energy base in the world, in terms of petrochemical product development has advantages of rubber conveyor belt richly endowed by nature, product demand, Boye County delegation to Russia during the investigation, visited the Voronezh National University, Greenwood International Trade Center, to learn about the Russian rubber conveyor belt products market and synthetic rubber research and supply. And with Russia's largest rubber industry group --TUA group to negotiate, to reach a framework for cooperation, Boye rubber enterprises to go abroad, laid the foundation of the Russian market docking.

In addition, Boye County delegation also met with Russian Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Moscow Kong Zi Culture Promotion Association signed a cooperation agreement.

It is understood that the rubber belt is Boye traditional pillar industries, annual output of 300 million square meters, operating income 5 billion yuan, accounted for 1/3 of the market share, is the largest in North Chinese belt production base in 2014, Boye County in Hebei province was named the county characteristic industry.

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