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Boye rubber conveyor belt industry cluster won provincial awards

Author:admin Date:2015-11-22 Views:1872

Recently, Boye rubber conveyor belt industry cluster by the Hebei Provincial Department of 2014 identified as "small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei Province demonstration industrial cluster". This is the county following the 2012 won the "China (Boye) conveyor belt industrial city" and "Chinese (Boye) earned another honor coal mineral belt city".

Boye rubber industry cluster with Qi as the center, forming a covering 11 villages around the area with a production base of 25 square kilometers Chinese North's largest rubber belt conveyor. The industrial chain of the industrial chain is complete, including textile, chemical, recycled rubber and other industries 72 enterprises, including transport machinery manufacturing enterprises, accessories business, logistics enterprises and service enterprises and public service platform 46, with China's well-known trademarks 8, Hebei province famous brand 3, 25% of the national market share, the initial realization of industrial agglomeration, scale expansion, leading to a certain size and influence of domestic production base. In October this year, Boye county government and rubber Valley Group successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and rubber Valley Group share four group belongs to a total of twelve service platform, jointly build a rubber belt industrial cluster system of modern science and technology.

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